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This blog post will take the format of the Company’s own promotional text in the first section (in blue) and my own summary of the reviews and company information below in back. I recognise any and all trademarks as being that of the company which is the subject of this post. I also recognise any copy as being the property of the company which is the subject of this post.

Now we have the legal bit out of the way, onto the review summary.

123 Promotional Text in blue

Starter WordPress webhosting

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domain names

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Domains – From £0.99 per month (+VAT)

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3 different review sites have been amalgamated and the combined percentages presented below.

5 star83%
4 star6%
3 star1%
2 star1%
1 star9%


The reviews are positive with 5 stars representing 83% of the overall reviews. Taking the 4 star and 5 star reviews they account for 89% of the reviews. With the 1, 2 & 3 star reviews making up only 11% of the reviews.


123 have a trustpilot score of 4.3. Link HERE

Click the banner below to find out more about 123-Reg

domain names


It’s difficult to argue with figures of 83% 5 star reviews. As the saying goes you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. There will always be negative reviews when dealing with the public and customers but what stood out was they responded very well to the negative feedback.

Typically replied to negative reviews in 24 hours or less, and have replied to 96% of their negative reviews.

On reading the reviews many of the poor reviews relate to charges that were added without the customers permission. No one can know how valid the complaints are. Some complaints seem to be surrounding charges taken years after the reviewer was a customer. Whilst the 1 star reviews are only 9% overall they do tend to be very negative and this is confirmed when looking at the 2 & 3 star reviews which are only 2% overall. So you either have 89% satisfaction (4 & 5 stars) or 9% very very dissatisfied.

Interestingly as of 1st October 2021 there have been Director resignations and replacements. There are currently 2 Directors Michele Lau and Nick Daddario. Both these individuals are directors of PARAGON INTERNET GROUP LIMITED, another large domain purchase and hosting organisation. In addition both are also Directors of GO DADDY EUROPE LIMITED, hinting at 123-Reg Ltd being in very good hands.

Out of 100 customers you are likely to be one of the 89 who are very very happy with this company. Therefore it’s statistically likely that your experience will be a positive one. The rules I use personally when looking at reviews are

  • Are the reviews to be trusted
  • Are they generally good
  • Do the good reviews far exceed the bad
  • Are the bad reviews actually about the product (or whether the delivery driver smiled!)
  • And is there a deal breaker in the bad reviews that would stop me from purchasing.

Applying the above to 123-Reg it would appear to me that the company deserve a green summary review.

In addition, I have recently purchased some domains from 123-Reg and found the process seamless. I had no issues. I find their dashboard fairly intuitive and I expect that to improve as I use it. It’s early days so……..so far so good.

domain names

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