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Review of Speechify App – the FREE Chrome extension download – not a sponsored review.

Speechify app converts text to speech – simple!

What I found was that the Speechify app is an example of excellent text-to-speech software for iOS, in addition to a web format for use on your PC.  For users of the google chrome web browser, there is a fantastically useful Speechify chrome extension. This app’s strength comes from the combination of text to speech (TTS) technology, which reads out words, and optical character recognition (OCR). OCR software extracts text from images, scans, and pdf (pdf to text ocr) files and turns them into data that can be searched and edited. With Speechify, the user may turn almost anything into an audiobook effortlessly by combining these two sorts of technology.

One of the great features of this app, is the inclusion of very realistic voices with AI that seems virtually human-like. Choose your preferred voice to personalise the app. “Cliff,” “Anna,” and “Simeon” and more are available. Another fantastic feature is the ability to read things quickly, with the possibility to increase the reading pace from 1.5x to 4x the regular rate, allowing you to read in excess of 800 words per minute if desired. Another fascinating attribute is where Speechify estimates how long it will take to complete a reading task. If you have 20 minutes to complete reading an article or web page, for example, you may modify the rate to finish in that time. You can use text from a web browser and have it read to you. You may convert the text into an audiobook with a single click of a button.

Because Speechify files are text files rather than audio files, they take up relatively little space on your phone. You will, however, require internet connectivity to convert text to speech. This software will highlight words and lines as it reads aloud, just like other text to voice apps.

A monthly membership to Speechify Premium starts at $29.99 per month and gives you access to 150,000 words in Speechify’s HD Natural voices. Purchase a quarterly ($23.33/mo.) or yearly ($11.59/mo.) account to save money. The only difference between free Speechify and a premium subscription at this moment is the quantity of HD Natural voices words each month. When you realise the time you save by reading at a quicker speed, the cost of Speechify premium is wholly justified. Users may submit PDFs to both the free and premium accounts to convert them into audiobooks across all their devices.

I have the chrome extension installed and have found it extremely useful to read back any copy I have written.  I find that actually hearing the words being read gives me a much better appreciation of the written content than “hearing” my own voice in my head.  Just like this article you are reading now. I would imagine that this extension would have uses for users with reading challenges, whether that be difficulty with reading, accidents which have rendered reading difficult, or medical conditions which make reading either impossible or difficult. 

A highly useful, affordable and value for money extension which gets my vote.

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