Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool – Summary Review and a personal review

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This kit includes the Dremel 3000 Multi-Tool and 15 genuine Dremel accessories, all packed in a convenient bag. This execution is perfect for DIY projects.

Variable speed – 10.000 – 33.000 RPM: more comfortable and better control when handling.

  • QUICK RELEASE MAGNETIC DESIGN: Magnetic phone clip and magnetic holder provide effortless capture when VARIABLE SPEED: Control the rotary speed from 10,000 to 33,000 rpm with the variable speed dial for maximum precision
  • 130 WATT: The powerful 130 Watt motor allows you to tackle almost any detailed DIY task
  • EZ TWIST: With the EZ-Twist Nose Cap there is no need for a separate wrench making it easy to switch accessories, so you can finish your task quicker and easier
  • SOFT GRIP: The soft grip reduces vibration to prevent fatigue and provides an improved grip
  • INTEGRATED HOOK: The integrated hang hook allows you to hang the multitool on a Flex-Shaft Tool Holder or anywhere near the project
  • For all of your precision DIY projects: carve, engrave, rout, cut, sand, grind, sharpen, polish and clea
  • Work on your projects for extended periods of time
  • Tackle your precision DIY projects straight away with the 15 included accessories
  • EZ Twist: Switch between applications within 1 or more projects easily
  • 2 year warranty



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5 star 74%
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3 star 2%
2 star 2%
1 star 8%


The reviews are positive with 5 stars representing 74% of the overall reviews. Taking the 4 star and 5 star reviews they account for 88% of the reviews. With the 1, 2 & 3 star reviews making up only 12% of the reviews. Whilst the negative reviews do matter they are insignificant enough not to put any potential purchaser off.


Dremel have a Trustpilot score of 3.4. Link HERE

The trustpilot reviews are not solely for this product. It encompasses many Dremel products, interestingly their 3d printers seem to feature alot in the review of the company. Bear this in mind.


What strikes me about many of the reviews is, in my opinion, the expectation of what the product can do. I own one myself and to read that some purchasers are trying to cut wood with it, some are using it for 15 minutes solid and complaining about the heat it produces, is bordering on lunacy. This is not a circular saw, it’s not a belt sander. It’s a tool for delicate to moderate jobs. Imagine expecting a needle and thread to keep an airline wing on. Well some people potential would expect that it seems! One even complained (and removed a star) about it coming in a Dremel packaging rather than an Amazon box or plastic bag thus spoiling a birthday surprise.

Personally I’ve never had a reason to complain about the Dremel 3000. I’ve used it for deburring, shaping, sanding delicate areas, sanding small areas of attached pieces in situ which would be tricky to remove. The cable is particularly lengthy and very malleable and doesn’t get caught or in the way. I find that the lower setting are the best (for me) as the higher settings are rather fast and applying too much pressure risks removing too much material. The lower settings give a level of control whilst effortlessly doing the work.

The reviews are very very positive and there can’t be any reason to fear purchasing the product.

It gets a green summary and is definitely a product worthy of consideration purely statistically based on the customer reviews of the product.

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