Summary of Reviews

As with everything on the internet these days I have to cover myself with a disclaimer.

To summarise, these summaries are NOT my reviews of the product, they are simply summaries of reviews for the product that are in the public domain. They are intended as a helpful summary of reviews showing at a glance whether a product is generally badly received, or whether it is generally well received.

I include a 60 word WORDCLOUD in any summary showing the top 60 words from all reviews. I do not amend the WORDCLOUD and choose to leave it as is regardless of whether it makes sense. This way any WORDCLOUD that has overwhelmingly positive or negative words can be trusted.

I take the top 20 reviews from 3 credible review sites (a total of 60 reviews). The reason I have limited it to 20 is that they are the most recent and therefore the most relevant. I then take the 40th to 49th Review from each review site to make sure I am representing some older opinions. So, the total summary I present is made up from 90 reviews. This is what is presented in the 60 word WORDCLOUD.

I do not filter the reviews. The only thing I do is remove the reviewer’s name, age and location (if given) so that I am left with raw review data. I then spell check so that any misspelt words do not show up as dilute separate words, and so that they do show up if relevant and numerous (good or bad).

Further, I read the reviews and manually summarise them into a MANUAL SUMMARY paragraph.

I also present the number of stars as a pie chart of overall reviews. For example, if a product had reviews below then the information would be presented by the pie chart.


If the 5 star reviews of a product represent 51% or more of the overall reviews then it will get the green summary. An amber will mean that the 5 star percentage is still the largest, although not the majority. A red will mean that the total of 1, 2 & 3 stars is the majority., Once again I reiterate that this is not a reflection of the product, simply a matter of fact summary of the statistics.

As you can see the 5 star reviews are in excess of 51% and would be representative of a green summary. In this scenario the 4 and 5 star reviews represent 92% of the reviews.

A Green Light for the Summary

Hopefully this will let the reader see generally whether the product is a good buy.

This summary method is borne out of my own way of deciding whether to buy products. I am sure that most people use the similar metrics. We all look at how many stars a product has and then we read a few of the reviews and try to digest whether they are generally good or bad and try to remove the reviewers who just moan about the colour (which they chose) or how long it took to be delivered (which would be more correctly a review of the delivery company)

At the end of it all, I hope to present a completely unbiased, data driven summary which will help the reader, at a glance, see whether the product is worth purchasing. There are plenty reviewers out there giving their own review/opinion on a product, but ultimately they are giving one opinion, one data point which is helpful to a point.

My summaries will have a WORDCLOUD, a pie chart and a MANUAL SUMMARY, in addition to the companies sales “blurb”. It is then over to you.


I have not personally reviewed any product unless otherwise stated. I have simply gathered and presented a summary of information present in the public domain, but presented it in an organic way mimicking the way a real person would information gather. Hopefully by doing this I have added value to existing data and provided a reasonable tool to save time and readers will find it useful.

I hope to save the reader time in doing their own homework and research, and whilst it does not replace good old fashioned homework it can speed up the process of gathering confidence in a product for a user who is already looking for this information.

Confidence can be gained by the reader knowing that if I were to “fix” the results I would quickly lose followers, and by making sure my summaries are credible (and useful) hopefully gain followers. If you find my summaries useful please consider following for future summaries.

If the product receives a green summary then affiliate links to the product on Amazon will be provided. No link will be provided unless the product receives a green summary. i.e no links if summary is amber or red.

Any recommendation to buy is solely based on the reviews being 51% made up of 5 star reviews. If you decide to purchase a product the decision is yours and yours alone. There is no liability on me in providing the summaries. The summaries are factual representations of data already in the public domain.

All trademarks, images and text are copyright and intellectual property of the respective owners and I recognise this fact. Any text and/or images/video is used under fair usage. If any copyright owner requires their content removed please contact me on and it will be removed.