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    Automated Trading

    What is automated trading? Creating rules? Benefits Summary What is automated trading? Trades are initiated and exited automatically via the use of a computer programme or algorithm that adheres to predefined rules set…

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    10 Weight-Loss Recommendations Eat breakfast every day If you miss breakfast, you will not lose weight. You may be deficient in vital nutrients, and as a result of your hunger, you may find…

  • Saving Money Online

    Saving Money Online

    Online shopping has become a significant part of our everyday life. However, many people still struggle with saving money for future use. These days, the internet is full of articles and tips for…

  • Review of Speechify


    Review of Speechify App – the FREE Chrome extension download – not a sponsored review. What I found was that the Speechify app is an example of excellent text-to-speech software for iOS, in addition to a web format…